Have your E. Excel products right at your doorstep for a minimum order of 4000 SV-EV (serviceable areas by ABest) and 8500 SV-EV (serviceable areas by LBC/JRS) per invoice on any herbal and/or Elemente products*.

Here's how:

  1. Distributors must have updated and accurate mailing address. Products will be delivered only to the address inputted in our database.
  2. Distributors must also update and provide contact numbers – landline and/or mobile numbers.
  3. Distributors must pre-select and pre-compute their orders before placing an order. Should have a minimum order of 4000 or 8500 SV-EV per invoice.
  4. Exact payments should be deposited to any of the following account numbers under the account name of Extra Excel.
    • BDO 5420-02-852-3
    • Metrobank 3096-13098-9
    • PNB 264-5207397
    • RCBC 1159002191
    Regional bank fees may apply.
  5. Ordered products will only be encoded in the system once payment/s has been cleared with the bank. Thus, transaction is bank-date and bank-hour dependent.
  6. E. Excel Philippines will not process any order without full payment.
  7. E. Excel Philippines will deliver products to serviceable areas** within five (5) working days upon confirmation of payments.
  8. E. Excel Philippines reserves the right to send orders via any competent carrier and select them that will serve the interests of its Distributors.
  9. Distributor is required to show proper identification - any valid I.D. upon receipt of products. If distributor is unable to receive the products personally, he may assign an authorized representative who must present a duly signed authorization letter and valid I.D.
  10. Distributor or his/her authorized representative is required to check the quantity and condition of products received.
  11. For multiple orders, address of the first order placed will be considered as the delivery address. All succeeding orders should still have minimum 4000 or 8500 SV-EV per invoice.
  12. This 1-800 toll free facility is possible thru the use of PLDT, Piltel, and PTC landline (NDD or non-NDD enabled). Alternatively, you can use your Smart or Talk 'N Text mobile phones free of NDD charge however, regular per-minute call charge on mobile phones will apply.

* For MK tools orders, visit any nearest E. Excel branch.
** Confirm with our list of serviceable areas to verify if your area is covered.

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